Talking About Practice

July 17, 2018

The Riders are back from their bye week and head coach Chris Jones isn't happy with their work. 

Joel Gasson and John Fraser discuss Jones' decision to stop practice to share tell him exactly how he feels about it. Is he sending a message? Is it a cliché move? Is it an attempt to change the narrative? All of the above?

Joel and John also discuss the idea of football on Thursday night. Does anyone really like it? Is it safe for the players? 

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All about that defence, that defence, no offence

July 10, 2018

John Fraser returns from a week in the middle of no where as he and Joel Gasson discuss the Riders win over the Hamilton Ticats. There's no mystery as to how they won that game. The defence. Why? They were able to adapt with more blitzes and moving Duron Carter to a matchup that works for him. 

Offensively, well there's still lots of work to be done. John finally gets to rant about Carter on defence, which is now affecting the offence more than anything. As for the quarterbacks? Just pick one!

In their weekly look around the league, Joel and John talk about Matt Nichols return in Winnipeg and the beginning of the James Franklin era in Toronto. 


Dissecting a dumpster fire

July 3, 2018

Apparently John Fraser needed a vacation, so Joel Gasson is joined by special guest co-host Arielle Zerr of the CJME/CKOM Green Zone making this the most credible episode of the 3Down Green Cast ever. 

Joel and Arielle give the Riders credit for a wonder pre-game #HumboldtStrong ceremony. They breakdown the Riders abysmal performance against the Montreal Alouettes, including Duron Carter, the quarterbacks and the offence as a whole. They also look ahead to this week's game against Hamilton and take a quick look around the league with the pending return of Matt Nichols and the Kyries Heber suspension. 

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Well, that escalated quickly

June 26, 2018

Joel Gasson and John Fraser have sponsor! 

As for stuff you actually care about, they discuss the Zach Collaros injury, what it means to Brandon Bridge, the Riders disaster of a game against Ottawa and they look ahead to this week's game against Montreal.

In their weekly look around the league, Joel and John ask the question, can Montreal go 0-18? Are the Bombers for real? and they wish nothing but the best for Ricky Ray.

Joel also gives John some time to rant about what he thought was an unjust parking ticket. How much? Well, that's up to Joel. 


Did you even watch the game?

June 19, 2018

The Riders first regular season game is in the books. Joel Gasson and John Fraser are back to break it down, even though they were both away over the weekend and had some challenges watching it live. They did it though! They did have one job, afterall. 

Joel and John also discuss Duron Carter apparently playing defence only this week against Ottawa, Winnipeg's marathon game against the Eskimos and Edmonton added who to their neg list? 


A Special Place in Hell, Cuts, Season Predictions

June 11, 2018

Joel Gasson and John Fraser are back for another week to discuss the Riders cuts, their season ahead, a quick look around the league and their own special places in hell. 


Burner Accounts, Cameron Judge, Two-Way Carter

May 30, 2018

Joel Gasson and John Fraser are back to break down the Riders first pre-season game of the season, but first, Joel has to know just how many burner accounts does John have? 

Can Cameron Judge be a gamechanger for the Riders on defence? Is playing Carter both ways the right move?

Joel and John also touch on the Riders o-line depth and answer a couple of questions from Twitter!


Training Camp Preview, Darian Durant

May 30, 2018

Joel Gasson and John Fraser look ahead to the opening of Roughriders training camp in Saskatoon. They discuss the timing of Darian Durant's retirement, his legacy and what the league can do about players getting cut or retiring around bonuses.


Draft, Mini-Camp and Music

May 30, 2018

Joel Gasson and John Fraser share their thoughts on the Riders moves on draft day, the draft as a whole, mini-camp and if the Riders should change their pre-game introduction.


John Chick, CFL Week and Carter’s Cookies

May 30, 2018

Joel Gasson and John Fraser make their unanticipated return to discuss the retirement of John Chick, CFL Week, the John Ojo signing and Duron Carter's baking skills.